Taking Qudexy® XR

During the first few weeks, your doctor will gradually increase your dosage. Take the medicine exactly as your doctor has prescribed. It may also be helpful to set reminders for when you should take your medicine.

It’s good to remember that your body needs time to get used to Qudexy® XR. So give it time to work for you. Everyone is unique and may respond to medicine differently. It will take a few weeks to reach your prescribed dose.

REMINDER: Take your medication every day.

Tips for staying on track

  1. 1Take your medicine exactly as your doctor prescribed.
  2. 2Set an alarm to help you remember to take your medicine each day.
  3. 3Keep a daily log to track your progress (more tips below!).
  4. 4Talk to your healthcare team regularly.
  5. 5Mark your calendar for when it’s time to refill your medicine.

Plan ahead! Keep an eye on how much medicine you have left, and refill your prescription before you run out.

Keeping a daily log

It may be helpful to write down how you feel and what you experience with your migraines or seizures, and any medicines you take for them, and then share that information with your doctor.

Examples of information you may want to take notes about in your daily log include:

  • When you had a migraine or seizure, and what happened
  • Any recent changes in your migraines or seizures
  • How and when you take your medicine, and any questions about your medicine
  • How you feel after starting Qudexy® XR compared with before you started taking this medicine
  • How well you’ve been sleeping, or changes in your mood
  • If you think you might be experiencing side effects
  • Any potential triggers, or things that are seemingly linked to having migraines or seizures

Working with your healthcare team

When it comes to your health, think of yourself, your doctors, nurses and pharmacist as a team. This healthcare team can work together best if they know how you are feeling, so be open about what you are going through.

Regular appointments and checkups, or keeping a daily log, can help provide important information that will help this team:

  • See how your medicine is working
  • Watch for side effects
  • Monitor and help manage your condition in other ways

What to expect

Some of the most common side effects of Qudexy® XR for migraine include tingling of the arms and legs, not feeling hungry, weight loss, difficulty with memory, and a change in the way some foods taste.

You may find that some side effects improve as your body adjusts to Qudexy® XR. Talk with your doctor or pharmacist about any side effects that you experience and to get tips on how to manage them.

For more information on warning, precautions and side effects, please see Patient Medication Guide.